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GP Mustang 18-22 Gal. Aluminum Sump Tank (1979-1997)

Direct replacement fuel tank. Now you can have high capacity (18 to 22 gallons) and high flow. This is a fully baffled fuel tank large baffles inside the tank force the fuel into the sump and the sump is also baffled. Our Aluminum tank's come with a removable streamlined pump mounting plate that bolts to the front side (diff side) of the tank so any pump/filter combination can be mounted. Capacity depends on (with or without exhaust angle cuts for factory style exhaust up to 3"). Fits in factory location and factory straps - fill tube - fill tube grommet and factory vent/grommet can be reused.  Will support 500-1500+ RWHP.

* Any size fittings at no charge.

* 79-85 models require our 76-6 ohm fuel/sending unit sold separately. 89.95.

* 86-97 models require our 15-160 ohm fuel/sending sold separately. 89.95.

* Patent Appl # 09-8755299.





Price:  $899.95 
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